Friday, February 11, 2011

Rabbi David C. Dalin

Very few of the many recent books about Pius XII and the Holocaust are actually about Pius XII and the Holocaust.  The liberal bestselling attacks against the pope and the Catholic Church are really an intra-Catholic argument about the direction of the Church today.  The Holocaust is simply the biggest club for liberal Catholics to use against traditional Catholics in their attempt to bash the papacy and thereby smash traditional Catholic teaching--especially on issues relating to sexuality, including abortion, contraception, celibacy, and the role of women in the Church.  The anti-papal polemics of ex-seminarians like Garry Willis and John Cornwell (author of Hitler's Pope), of ex-priests like James Carroll, and of other lapsed or angry liberal Catholics exploit the tragedy of the Jewish people during the Holocaust to foster their own political agenda of forcing changes on the Catholic Church today.

Note: Rabbi Dalin is a professor of History and Political Science at Ave Maria Universtiy.  This quote comes form his book, The Myth of Hitler's Pope.  Though Jewish, I feel that his defense of Pope Pius XII is worthy of inclusion in this blog.

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